Ice cream: Debbie Lynch-White's good choices

Ice Cream: Debbie Lynch-White's Great Picks


Debbie Lynch-White's professional happiness lies largely in her selection of projects. With the piece Les glacess, the actress is convinced that she has once again chosen well.

“I feel like I'm contributing something with this production,” she said in a telephone interview. It's very exhilarating.”

For her, everything starts from the text of Rébecca Deraspe. “Her strength is that she deals with a dense subject, but without being moralizing. She succeeds in transmitting all the humor that everyday life brings. His way of making the characters speak is very unique. It's very punchy.” 

In this story, a woman receives a text message that her boyfriend had raped a friend during his prom, twenty years earlier. The suspect is fired and returns to his native Bas-Saint-Laurent where he meets the other class friend who was with him that fateful evening.

“The notion of consent is completely topical, says the one who played La Bolduc on the big screen. Social questions are raised about where the limits should be placed and what are the possible remedies. It speaks of the courage to recognize the harm that has been done and to name it. Thanks to its humor and endearing characters, this play opens the dialogue without lecturing.”

In Montreal and Quebec

Debbie Lynch-White embodies in this work the sister of the one who is suspected of having committed this horrible act. “She's a girl who has it in her,” she says. Having a lot of humor and a good heart, she tries to reason with her brother.”

This creation will first be presented at La Licorne in Montreal before being staged in Quebec City in January, at La Bordée . Daniel Gadouas and Christian Michaud are notably part of the cast directed by Maryse Lapierre.

Some actors will only perform in the metropolis or the national capital, but Debbie Lynch-White will be in all the performances, either around 50. 

“This show is fun to play. I can't wait to see how the fun will evolve, but I believe it will grow. You never get tired of good productions”, concludes the actress.

♦ Ice cream will be presented at La Licorne on October 4 to November 5, and at La Bordée from January 10 to February 4, 2023.