ICE overturned heavy fines for illegal immigrants hiding in churches

The immigration service (ICE) cancelled the penalty in the amount of almost half a million dollars against Edith Espinal, immigrant without papers, who lived in the Church in Columbus (Oh), to avoid deportation. This writes CNN.

ICE отменила огромные штрафы для нелегалов, скрывающихся в церквях

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ICE also abolished fines for six other women who lived in churches across the country to avoid deportation.

From December 2018, following the orders of the President of the United States of Donald trump, issued a year earlier, which stated that the Agency should begin to levy fines of illegal immigrants in the United States, the ICE sends migrants notice of intent to fine.

Richard Rocha, a representative of ICE, said that Espinal and other immigrants are still breaking the law.

“These individuals are subject to deportation, but they remain in the United States and violate the law, he said. — ICE will enforce these decrees on deportation, using any means available, and reserves the right to revise the penalties. ICE will continue to use fines as a tool of law enforcement as provided by Congress.”

In letters to the US immigration service stated that “according to existing rules, ICE withdraws fine.”

“We knew that these exorbitant fines are illegal and represent not that other, as a tool of intimidation of our customers, and revenge for the fact that they resist and oppose this administration,” said Lizbeth MATEO, a lawyer Espinal.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Immigrants are hiding from deportation in religious institutions, because immigration officers do not usually spend there arrests and other enforcement actions. For that illegal immigrants threaten huge fines.