ICE two years keeps illegal immigrants from Uzbekistan in support of the rally in Connecticut

More than a dozen people gathered in front of immigration and customs control (ICE) in Hartford to protest against a nearly two-year detention of illegal Uzbek immigrant from Connecticut, says Hartford Courant.

ICE два года удерживает нелегала из Узбекистана: в его поддержку прошёл митинг в Коннектикуте

Photo: screenshot of Twitter

The mayor of Hartford Luke Bronin joined to his wife Bahodir Madjitov and others to support Uzbek immigrant and father of three children who are US citizens.

“I live with constant pain after bone fractures since then, as the birth of my third child. Can’t work and live peacefully”, — said at the rally, his wife Madina Madjitov.

“I don’t think will be able to provide our children a normal life without your husband,” she added.

Diana Blank, one of the lawyers Uzbek immigrant, said that originally her client had a final order of deportation not later than 2 December. Now it is unclear how soon he will be deported.

“He has no criminal history, no allegations of any wrongdoing. They just claim that he has an order of expulsion, and he overstayed his visa,” said the wife.

According to Blank, Bahodir came to the United States in 2006. In 2010, it was combined with her marriage. Now the Form is a U.S. citizen. After the expiry of her visa, her husband claimed asylum but was refused.

According to the lawyer, the statement is now in ICE detention facility in Alabama.

The rally made a 7-year-old son Majitovich Muhammad. He asked ICE to release his father.

Immigration officers detained the statement of 22 December 2017 — during the week before his wife was to give birth to a third child.
“Youngest has never seen his father, and he ain’t a threat,” said mayor Bronin.

“It’s crazy, so we’re here today to ask ICE to allow the Statement to go home to his family. The trial will continue, but let him go home to these wonderful children. Let the little boy hug his father for the first time in my life,” he added.