“Ice Wars”: a new combat sport on ice

“Ice Wars”: a new fighting sport on ice


While hockey fights in Quebec are under scrutiny in various leagues, a new sport is emerging: Ice Wars.

The objective is to fight on ice, consisting of two rounds of one minute, but in a supervised way.

In other words, Ice Wars makes hockey fights the very essence of the sport, but on a ice, with regulations and with mixed martial arts (MMA) gloves. In an arena, you need two fighters, each posted in their corner, as well as a referee. When the official blows his whistle and signals the face-off, the fighters start the fight, then dressed in helmets and complete hockey equipment.

Dany Côté, a promoter of the new sport , considers the sport to be comparable to the UFC, an American mixed martial arts sports league. “It’s a tournament formula, the fighters compete to win a purse throughout the evening. There are also unique fights, these are other weight categories, ”explained Dany Côté.

The Trifluvien Jean-François Lafrance is currently a hockey player in the Senior AAA and in the North League -American hockey. He is also the only Quebecer to practice ice fighting. “I am a hockey fighter, I like the feeling and the fighting sport too. It's the only way I've found to accomplish my desires,” said Jean-François Lafrance.

Ice Wars would be safer than hockey fights. “As in anything, when it is well framed and structured… I think that an organization like ours can have its place. The fighters are ready and prepared,” defended Dany Côté.

The 2nd event of this new sport will take place on August 6 in Edmonton.