“I’d better leave the project” Andrey Danilko has suddenly announced that he was leaving “the X factor” (video)

«Мне лучше покинуть проект»: Андрей Данилко неожиданно объявил, что уходит из «Х-фактора» (видео)

The final test of the training camp of the tenth season of the vocal show “X-factor” (STB) became the most scandalous in the history of the project. Recall that it was distributed among the group of judges and the names of the 12 winners on Sunday, November 30, will appear live. But step away from listening to the last category — “Groups”, which went to Andrey Danilko, a famous actor announced that he intends to leave the show.

— Guys, do not get me wrong — suddenly said Andrew, not having to listen to even the first participant. Now I feel like I’m not disappoint. I’m so empty… And you realize how important this is to you! So I thought that would be fair if I must leave this project. Maybe there will be a new mentor who will really help you because I understand that the problem is me… I thought that now I have to choose someone… No, I’m not ready to do this… You are all talented guys, and I think I would be best to leave this project.

After the above-said Danilko apologized and ran backstage show.

We were shocked, couldn’t believe what Andrew M. is leaving the project! — admitted “FACTS” involved in the “Group” Aelita Victoria Everman. — I can say immediately that the other instructor I didn’t want to. And was happy to know that we will be engaged in Andrey Mikhailovich. And then… I Remember standing on stage and not know what’s coming next. Now who’s our mentor?! Whether all the groups to continue their participation in the project?!

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It is unknown whether there will be Andrey Danilko in live broadcasting project. The next day after his departure from the project in social networks began active campaign #Daylabourers!

«Мне лучше покинуть проект»: Андрей Данилко неожиданно объявил, что уходит из «Х-фактора» (видео)


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