Identified products that effectively protects from lung cancer

Active consumption of foods with high levels of fiber and natural yogurt associated with a lower risk of developing lung cancer. This could set researchers from the United States, according to a press release on EurekAlert.

Определены продукты, эффективно защищающие от рака легких

That regular presence in the menu of products with fiber and yogurt will protect against the development of lung cancer, said scientists of the Medical center of Vanderbilt University.

“Protective effect may be associated with the presence in these products of prebiotics. These substances are not absorbed by the body, but effectively stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora in the gut,” stated the experts.

In their experiment, the data were analyzed 1.4 million adults. The subjects were divided into several groups depending on the quantity consumed of fiber and yogurt. As a result, the analysis revealed a pattern: people who ate a lot of yogurt and dietary fiber, the risk of lung cancer was reduced by 33% compared to those who did not eat these products or only ate a very small amount.

The study authors noted that the risk of lung cancer due to the fiber and the yogurt was observed among smokers, including former and non-smokers.

Special insidiousness of lung cancer is that a long time developing, it does not cause much change and discomfort. Therefore, it is in many cases the disease is detected late, which in turn leads to a lower probability of recovery.