Identified three healthy snack, life-prolonging

Snacking is best dark chocolate, berries and nuts, specifically almonds. These snacks help to strengthen the heart and lower cholesterol, this was told by British doctors.

Определены три полезных перекуса, продлевающих жизнь

Newspaper Express quotes the opinion of the doctors that prolong life can contribute to not only a rejection of bad habits and exercise, but also regular consumption of certain products. On its pages, the experts recommended to include in daily diet snacks due to which you can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Extremely useful doctors believe berries. It is composed of antioxidant substances anthocyanins, which protect the cardiovascular system from inflammation and lower “bad” cholesterol. In particular, the use of strawberries for eight weeks can lower the content of cholesterol by 11% in people with a predisposition to cardiovascular diseases, and eating strawberries and blueberries on a 34% reduction in the risk of heart attack.

Dark chocolate contains natural flavonoids these substances are known for their ability to protect against the development of coronary heart disease. There is evidence that people who eat chocolate at least five times a week, the risk of developing cardiac disease 57% lower than those who do not eat chocolate. Consumption of dark chocolate twice a week helps a third to reduce the probability of occurrence in vessels of atherosclerotic plaques.

As for almonds, its use in number of 43 grams daily acts as a medication: it reduces the concentration of “bad” cholesterol and increases “good”, said Express.