Identity theft: scam denounced in Quebec firewood

Identity theft: scam exposed in the firewood at 12:00 p.m. Quebec


A Quebec company filed a complaint with the police against fraudsters who use its name to sell firewood on the Internet, but once the money is collected, they disappear in the mist without delivering their due .  

Geneviève Martel, co-owner of Tuiles Martel on Saint-Claude Boulevard in Quebec City, asks firewood buyers to be vigilant.  

While the busiest period of the year is in full swing for the sale of firewood, malicious people are trying to line their pockets. 

Recently, the company was alerted by customers who were cheated by fraudsters advertising themselves on Marketplace and using the name of Tuiles Martel. 

“Our notoriety is made. Yes, we are a distributor of firewood in Quebec, but they are using our name to validate their scheming”, protests Ms. Martel. 

Investigation in progress&nbsp ;

The fraudsters would be active in the regions of Montreal, Gatineau, Ottawa, and even in Quebec. 

A complaint was filed with the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ). “There is an open investigation in connection with a business that would be the victim of fraud in the Des Châtels district”, confirmed David Pelletier, spokesperson.  

The family business of second generation does not sell firewood on Marketplace and does not accept bank transfers.  

“I have people calling me to check if we are actually going to deliver three cords of wood in Gatineau. We answer no. We only serve Quebec City.” 

When this all started, Martel Tiles was getting calls from people asking to speak to all sorts of unknown names in the business. This aroused the suspicions of Mrs. Martel who discovered the pot of roses.

“It's often new accounts created on Marketplace in 2022 with beautiful photos of wooden cords sold at an attractive price. People can easily be fooled. When they ask questions on the site, they get answers, there is an interaction. They even get the date of their delivery and a nice invoice with our logo,” laments Ms. Martel.


Customers, who proceed payment by bank transfer without further verification, no longer see the color of their money.  

“Someone, who does not take the time to verify, can really tricked quickly.” 

According to her, there are several fake accounts that are operated under different identities. To be attractive, they offer prices below the market.  

Ms. Martel invites firewood buyers to be on the lookout.  

The Martel Tiles takes orders only by phone or in store.  

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