If possible, QS will not be sworn in as the new King of England

If possible, QS will not swear to the new King of England


Quebec solidaire MPs will not take the oath to the British Crown if the official request of the Parti Québécois is accepted by the National Assembly. For having tried it before, the solidarity spokesperson doubts, however, the PQ approach.

“If it is possible, of course we want to avoid it. It is important for me to remember that Mr. Plamondon's approach, although I completely respect it, has already been attempted by Québec solidaire ,” said spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. 

“There have been several separatist MPs since the 1970s who have tried to do what Mr. Plamondon did. And unfortunately, the institution which is the National Assembly, regardless of who governed it, remained very firm on this issue. We learned it ourselves the hard way. 

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New demand

< p>On Tuesday, the leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ), Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, formally asked the National Assembly to let the elected members of his political party “do their job as deputy”. without them having to swear fealty and allegiance to the British Crown.

“ In 2018 we attempted not to take the oath to the Queen and the National Assembly was very clear to our respect, arguing that it was impossible to sit, recalled the supportive spokesperson. 

“So, we had tabled a bill precisely to make this oath to the Crown optional. Unfortunately, Dominique Anglade's Liberals blocked him. oath to the British Crown to sit in Quebec. 

“It is a practice that is totally outdated and archaic,” he agreed. “As a separatist, the solidarity deputies have never had fun taking the oath to the Queen. “

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Directive demanded 

In 2018, the solidarity deputies were sworn in behind closed doors, away from the cameras. 

Next week, those in solidarity will be sworn in before those of the PQ. Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois hopes that the National Assembly will have issued a clear directive to all parties by then.

“I hope that all parties will be treated on the same footing. equality,” he said.