If you leave your key in the door overnight, you may be disappointed. It can only facilitate the break-in. What a miracle

The key has always been left in the lock so that no one from the outside could get to our house. However, this is a serious mistake.

 If you leave the key in the door overnight, you may be disappointed. It can only facilitate the break-in. How

Protecting your home from burglars is the most important aspect. According to research, about 30% of thieves entered the victim's house through an open door or an open window. To make sure your home is secured, the most basic thing is to properly close the doors and windows.

You don't have to lose a key for a burglar to have a simple task of getting into your house or apartment!


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If you lose your house keys, thieves can enter your apartment directly without any forced entry. Want to know if it will be harder for thieves to break into your home if the key is kept in the lock?

Is it safe to keep the key in the lock?

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Absolutely not. Keeping your keys in a lock is not a safe habit. However, if you have this habit, you should reconsider your security practices. It's quite natural for some people to hold keys near the front door when you walk in, perhaps on a hook or in a special bowl that you use every time.

Don't give thieves a key on the proverbial tray

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This is particularly dangerous as robbers anticipate it you will, and they will try to get and snatch any keys left near the entrance, using a common tactic called “catching fish”. With this technique, thieves use everyday materials, such as wire hooks for hangers, to push keys from the front door.