IFAB has made changes in the football rules of the game hand and the definition of offside

IFAB внес изменения в футбольные правила игры рукой и определения офсайда

In the 134th annual General meeting (AGM) of the Council of the International football Association Board (IFAB), held on 7 April, changes were made and the interpretation of some of the rules of football.

In particular, the circular No. 17, the Council explained, in some cases, it is customary to fix the game at hand. So, when determining the violations of the rules of the border between the shoulder and the arm passes through the armpit.

IFAB внес изменения в футбольные правила игры рукой и определения офсайда

As for the rules of offside, in the case that a player of the defending side intentionally handballed, and then the ball was the opponent, in this situation, the offside from the attacking team should not be fixed.

Clarified the rule using the VAR system. The videoassisted the referee can give him advice on a controversial episode, but the final decision still rests with him.

Adding that IFAB is the international organization responsible for the conduct and regulation of the rules of the game of football.

The Council presented by the founders of football: the football associations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and FIFA, an organization managing football at the international level. In each of the British Council, the football Association has 1 vote, and FIFA has 4 votes. Decisions of the IFAB shall be approved by three fourths of votes.