Igor Umansky has initiated the resignation of the head tax

The dismissal of the head of the State tax service of Ukraine Sergey Villanova was initiated by the former Minister of Finance Igor Umansky in connection with possible corruption in the Department, in particular, according to him, with “twists” VAT from the budget monthly loses 5 billion.

Игорь Уманский инициировал отставку главы налоговой

About this Umanskiy said in an interview LB.ua.

About this situation, according to the ex-Minister was informed and Premier Denis Shmyhal.

“We have repeatedly had conversations on this topic. I come to it, show: “Look, we’re only playing, but the information for each month, and this is just the “twisting” with VAT. This is an average 5 billion per month does not receive a budget.” As soon as I came to the Ministry of Finance, I quickly from all sides to merge information began with the transcripts, according to the companies, the amounts. Where start who chased where output. The 5 billion is only for VAT! Klymenko (head of tax, then – Minister of incomes and fees – LB.ua) with Yanukovych look and say, “Damn, what, so it was possible?” — said Umansky.

However, according to him, he is deprived of the authority to dismiss the head of the SOT.

“The Ministry of Finance – not the Ministry of power, I work with papers. Tools for punishment I have. Well, what can I do with the head of the tax administration? High – Vilanova to deprive of the prize, remove the 5, 10, 20, 30 thousand, 200 thousand. Do you think that he will be greatly hurt? …I can only make a view dismisses the Cabinet. But the Prime Minister against it. They say, don’t do, they overwhelm us quarter… I told him: “are You kidding? 5 billion in a month!”.

The following argument: “Come on suggestions who will appoint”. First, designate as a result of competition, and secondly, there are the acting deputies, and to appoint I. o – just your finger to “poke”, I’m sorry. For the entire system will be a clear, strong message: things began to change.

…But nothing happens. Make a formal submission on the dismissal. The following argument: “let’s give them time, they are now all tucked up in there, will improve the results”,” — said the former Minister.