Igor Vernik urgently hospitalized in Moscow

Игорь Верник экстренно госпитализирован в Москве

Russian actor, producer, singer, and TV host Igor Vernik, who recently caught in a scandal because of his son, urgently hospitalized in Moscow.

As reported by Telegram-channel Mash, “fast” Wernick was summoned to the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. The artist he asked to call an ambulance.

According to eyewitnesses, wernick complained of a sharp pain. In addition, the artist started to numb the leg.

Doctors provided Wernick assistance within one hour, and then insisted on immediate hospitalization.

Representatives from the 56-year-old actor while there was no comment. Some media reported that wernick lies at the Botkin hospital in the house for celebrities.

It is assumed that the pain the actor was due to degenerative disc disease.

We will remind that earlier was hospitalized the legendary Catherine Deneuve — the actress had a heart problem.

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