Ihor Umansky called the monthly turnover of smuggling on the Ukrainian customs

The national budget every month, it loses the sum of ten billion hryvnia because of the situation of smuggling at the Ukrainian customs.

It is reported portal “Gordon”, citing the words of the former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Igor Umansky.

Игорь Уманский назвал сумму ежемесячного оборота контрабанды на украинской таможне

According to Ukrainian officials, the exact volume of smuggled goods in Ukraine is quite difficult to calculate. Igor Umansky is confident that these goods after import in the country legalizovat fully or partially, and then begin to sell off. After that, it is difficult to calculate the full cost of the product and to follow all the nuances of these schemes. This can be done only if a record of the sale of smuggled products.

Certain items can only be seen directly in the implementation phase, but even this is not always possible to do. Accordingly, the exact amount that loses the budget of Ukraine, are not called out. But it is certain that smuggling at customs do exist, enriching certain individuals, and Ukraine is losing tens of billions of hryvnia.

“In the case when it is “in the black” came in and “rough” sold out, impossible to calculate. It is possible to estimate only approximately. This is billions of dollars. What you can calculate is about ten billion a month,” – explained Igor Umansky.

The former Minister had assured that currently Ukrainian customs continues to thrive contraband with which while nobody never did. However, during the global pandemic coronavirus infection, the volumes of illegally imported goods fell slightly.

“The coronavirus in this respect has helped: it has become very difficult to smuggle because many checkpoints are closed. Many of the schemes that were before the quarantine, also became impossible. But this does not mean that closed and do not work in other schemas “, — assured Igor Umansky.