Ikea will open a store in downtown Toronto (PHOTO)

Ikea откроет магазин в центре Торонто  (ФОТО)

Of options for the purchase of expensive furniture in downtown Toronto a lot: futon for $ 4,000 from West Elm here, mirror for $ 700 from CB2 there… you could furnish your whole living room in one day, if only you had the extra money.

But the irony is that most young people living in areas where there are stores I can’t afford to spend $ 2500 on a chair.

They pay so much per month for the rent of his tiny odnushki.

Ikea with its cheap products in a minimalist design is saving for the legions of city dwellers who need to cheaply furnish their cubicles in 55 m2.

But to get to Ikea stores in Toronto without a car (or a friend with a car who is willing to sacrifice a Saturday) is almost impossible.

The Swedish retail giant has four major points in greater Toronto, one in Etobicoke, one in Vaughan and one in North York and one in Burlington. To get to any of them from downtown Toronto by public transport requires more hours and back taking a lot of shopping and even more.

As more and more millenials abandon cars, preferring to find housing close to work, such journeys for the ever-busy young urban professionals became a burden, and at Ikea, this drew attention.

Therefore, to better meet the needs of its customers (those who do not want to shop online, pay shipping, and then wait at home all day, yet bring their orders), Ikea moved to the center of the city.

Journalists Canadian Press reported that Ikea Canada plans to open “a small store downtown” Toronto in the next two years.

Several of these “small formats” have already been opened in such cities as new York and Madrid, and has plans to continue, but in Canada, this Ikea will appear for the first time.

“We’re moving together with our customers, and partly do this because we want to get into big cities,” said Ikea Canada President Michael ward in an article published on Wednesday, saying “very good chance” that Toronto will be not one mini-Ikea.

No information on location or opening date has not yet been reported.