“I’ll cut off the ears!”: Potap ran on a popular singer because of Zelensky

Popular Ukrainian singer and producer Alex Potapenko stood up for Vladimir Zelensky, when he was still an actor Studio “Kvartal 95”.

In an interview Dmitry Gordon said “kartalovets” Eugene Mishka.

«Я тебе уши оборву!»: Потап наехал на популярного певца из-за Зеленского

Mishka remembered a private performance of “Quarter 95” on the birthday of one of the presidents (did not specify what it is — approx. ed.), where was also attended by Russian singer Stas Mikhailov.

That night “kvartalova” showed a parody Mikhailov, which brought him out of himself and a favorite of the Russian ladies began to cuss Zelensky.

Still can’t understand what he wanted from Vova Stas Mikhailov, who yelled at him backstage at a birthday party of one of the presidents… were a Lot of swear words. He was offended by the skit… I’m so on it all looked, I think… I didn’t come up, we all stood together. I just stood there, listened, and he yelled. Mate… And his wife was there… a Strange kind of family they have,” he told the current leader of the Studio “Kvartal 95”.

“Correct” the situation Potapov, who also spoke at the event.

Then, I remember, Alex Potapenko said to him (Stas Mikhailov — editor): “Touch “Quarter”, I’ll cut off the ears!” He Potap stood up! And if more and Nastya stood up… But Nastula not seen this, thank God” — with a smile said Mishka.

We offer you to see interview with Eugene Kosh for the program “visiting Dmitry Gordon”: