Illegals will be sneaking and climbing over: the border patrol complained about the vulnerability of the wall trump

Customs and border protection, US (CBP) asked for help to make the boundary wall of the US President Donald trump more difficult to overcome. It recognizes the fact that the wall that is currently set on the border of USA and Mexico, and is vulnerable. This writes the Washington Post.

Нелегалы пролазят и перелазят: погранслужба пожаловалась на уязвимость стены Трампа

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Federal contractors until June 12 will propose new technology and tools to protect against overcome the wall, as well as suggestions on “the construction of private sectors”, which will allow investors and activists to acquire the land to build the wall on it and sell it all to the government.

Trump continues the re-election campaign, promising to complete the construction of the wall has a length about 500 miles (804 km) along the border with Mexico by the end of 2020.

Representatives of the CBP stated that their request does not mean that the existing design is inadequate or has flaws.

“We have an adaptive enemy, regardless of the materials, nothing can be impenetrable, if given unlimited time and tools, — said the Agency. — Walls provide border patrol USA (USBP) the opportunity to slow down and stop illegal immigrants. This means that the construction of the wall will deter some people from attempting the crossing, at the same time slowing the efforts of those who are still trying”.

“This is the most complex system of border walls that we’ve ever created, but we will never leave without attention the innovative and creative ideas that would continue to strengthen border wall”, said CBP.

It is anticipated that trump will attend the ceremony in Yuma (AZ), next week to mark the completion of 200 miles of barrier.

CBP has not publicly announced how often smuggled brigade broke or tried to break into design. The records, obtained by journalists on the Law on freedom of information, indicate that in the area of San Diego had 18 violations during a one month period last fall. In the area of San Diego are some of the most formidable barriers along the entire border, and the construction of a new double-layered fencing has been largely completed.

However, smuggling crews were able to saw steel bollards, using commercially available tools for demolition, such as a reciprocating saw with cheap blades for cutting metal. Other sculpt long, improvised ladder from cheap metal fittings. It has been noticed that more and more people trying to cross the border using rope ladders to climb the wall.

In the request, CBP stated that the Agency is looking for new ways to stop them.

“CBP recognizes that the industry and other government agencies and other private organizations can have an interesting, innovative and useful ideas that can be implemented to enhance or improve the basic operational capabilities of the deterrent mission,” it says.

Such proposals may include sensors and cameras that will provide early warning of attempts to cross the wall, and also “advanced painting technology, which will improve the ability of heat sensors to recognize the impact of tools on the wall and improve detection”.

Trump retains a keen interest in aesthetics and the structural elements of the barrier, and the changing preferences repeatedly made border officials and military engineers struggled to try to adapt his tastes to the operational and geographic realities of the U.S. border and Mexico.

In recent weeks, the President again insisted that the barrier should be painted in black, telling the assistants that he will absorb more heat from the sun and to keep illegals from trying to climb the wall. According to government estimates, the black paint will increase construction costs no less than $500 million, and skeptics note that the black paint will increase maintenance costs. Yes illegals can just use gloves to protect your hands.

The group “We build the wall” has collected $25 million endowment for the creation of the wall in private.

“CBP recognizes that private organizations and non-governmental organizations are also interested in supporting the mission to protect the borders through the deployment of private construction, — stated in the notice of CBP. — Basically, those who can organize private financing and private acquisition of land, may be interested in the design of the wall that meets the state requirements.”

In the request CBP also provided 30 places can be built by private barriers to the sale to the government.

It was completed at least two sections of private barriers in Texas, with the help of Fisher Industries. The President urged the army corps of engineers U.S. border to enter into contracts with the company CEO which is a well-known donor to the Republican party and booster of trump.

In may, Fisher Industries has signed a contract for $1.3 billion to install 42 miles of new black barriers in Arizona.



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