“I’m not sad”: Vera Brezhnev justified for sudovy makeup

The famous singer Vera Brezhneva has justified before fans for sudovy makeup. A relevant post appeared on page 37-year-old ex-participants of group “VIA Gra” in Instagram.

"Я не грустная": Вера Брежнева оправдалась за нюдовый макияж

In your profile Vera Brezhnev shared the picture where she poses with a minimal amount of makeup on her face. The actress said that most of all she like “nodoby make”. The singer added that through cosmetics is usually corrected the flaws and emphasize dignity. The singer is not ready with makeup to “draw” on himself “alien face”, wanting even Macapa on the face to be me.

While in the caption under the new Vera Brezhnev said that in the photo she is not sad, not tired, just relaxed. So she decided to prevent inappropriate comments from numerous followers. At the same time, some members expressed the view that in the eyes of the idol froze “the void”. The artist tried to argue with fans, noting that nothing like the moment when the picture was taken is not felt.