“I’m not supposed to look good, and the team” the head coach “Liverpool” – the costumes

"Не я должен выглядеть хорошо, а команда": главный тренер "Ливерпуля" - о костюмах

Jurgen Klopp

Head coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp rarely seen during the match in a business suit.

The German specialist spoke about his attitude to business attire during matches and its tradition to be on the bench in a tracksuit.

“I have a suit that you can wear to a wedding, funeral or other suitable occasions, – quotes Klopp “Sport-Express”, referring to talkSPORT. – The rest will always be against costumes.

If everyone else is wearing it, I don’t want to be like everyone else. Not necessarily to wear it. Me uncomfortable, with a tie can not breathe normally.

Suits is not mine. Want to be focused only on football. I don’t have to look good, and the team. That’s my goal,” said the German.

Add that “red” will hold the opening match of the group stage of the Champions League in Naples.

Recall, Klopp has compared members of UEFA with “addicts” for choosing Baku as the venue for the final of the Europa League.