‘I’m speechless’: 104-year-old veteran from California sent 70 000 cards from all over the world

104-year veteran of the US marine corps in world war II received the medal of “Purple heart”, but this year he is celebrating Valentine’s Day like never before. From all over the world sent him Valentines. The number has exceeded 70 000, tells Reuters.

'Я потерял дар речи': 104-летнему ветерану из Калифорнии прислали 70 000 валентинок со всего мира

Photo: Depositphotos

Cards and Valentines for the “major bill” who lives in a nursing home in Stockton, California, started to come after one of its residents has launched a social campaign called Operation Valentine. In it, he asked friends and strangers to send post cards.

First goal was a modest 100 cards, but the result exceeded all expectations.

“It’s just fantastic,” said white, surrounded by piles of envelopes filled with cards.

Recently 9-year-old great-granddaughter of white Abigail Sawyer brought a pack of cards from his class, many of whom were decorated with the American flag.

A week before Valentine’s Day, at least 70 000 pieces of correspondence were received from people from every U.S. state and several foreign countries.

It’s so much mail that the white family had to attract volunteers to help open the cards and read the warm wishes white, who retired after 35 more years of active service.

For those who send Valentines, white something more than a veteran who can please. Many of them expressed deep gratitude not only to white for his service, but all veterans who have died too early and didn’t hear the gratitude.

A woman named Jane told white that her late grandfather was also involved in world war II as a paratrooper in the U.S. army. If he lived, she said, he would have turned 100 years this year.

“I miss him so much. Sending you this postcard, I feel to send it to his grandfather,” — she wrote.

This is all new to white. He never celebrated Valentine’s Day, even when his wife was alive.

“It’s something I’ve never heard or seen. I was speechless,” said white.



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