I’m white, but still suffer: the reigning world champion on Boxing in superheavy weight

Я белый, а все равно страдаю: действующий чемпион мира по боксу в супертяжелом весе

“The Gypsy king”

The reigning world champion on Boxing in superheavy weight under version WBC, the British Tyson fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs), nicknamed “the Gypsy king” told that sometimes collides with insults motivated by racism because he was born in a family of descendants of Irish Gypsies.

“When I’m driving, people lean out of car Windows, calling me a Gypsy girl and go on. I don’t care, that’s life. I am constantly faced with this, will face further”, – quotes the words of the fury of the Daily Mail.

“There is only one race, the human race, and I always stick up for her. I’m white, but in 2020 suffered from racism because I am of foreign origin. Even now, when I go to a pub or a restaurant, on the door might read: “We reserve the right not to let the travellers (a nomadic ethnic samonazvanie group presumably of Irish descent, who lives in Ireland, the UK and the USA; they are also called “Irish Gypsies” – Approx. LB.ua). No travellers or Gypsies” – said fury.