ImagineNative is now the 1st film festival of indigenous peoples, which can take the movies for an Oscar (PHOTOS)

ImagineNative теперь 1-й кинофестиваль коренных народов, который может отбирать фильмы на Оскар (ФОТО)

Fiction short films that win the prize at the festival of creative film and media arts in Toronto, can now qualify for an Oscar. Organizers say that the festival in Toronto was appointed “qualifying festival” for the best short films feature film.

This means that any film that wins the award, Cynthia Ann Lickers-sage for best short work, may qualify for nomination for an Oscar in the category “Best short film”, to compliance with other rules by the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences.

To qualify for the Oscars, short films have to either have a theatrical release or win a qualifying award at a film festival.

ImagineNative says this is the first and only festival of indigenous peoples in the world who can claim the selection of films for consideration for an Oscar, and one of the few in Canada with the status.

Other canadian festivals with the status of “qualifying for an Oscar”, include the international film festival calgary international film festival Edmonton international film festival in Toronto and the Montreal festival of modern cinema.