Immigration and values, a delicate subject that François Legault prefers to avoid

Immigration and values, a delicate subject that François Legault pré avoid


ROBERVAL | Immigration and the values ​​that should be protected in Quebec is such a delicate subject that it would be best to avoid it, suggested François Legault, returning to his controversial statements the day before. 

“I never wanted to associate immigration and then violence,” reiterated the CAQ chief, who made an announcement on helicopter care on Thursday morning in Roberval. 

< p>Recall that at the beginning of the evening, Wednesday, François Legault apologized for having caused confusion, after saying that it was to protect the values ​​of Quebecers, who “do not like extremists”, nor “violence” that immigration thresholds must be maintained at the current level.

“I've said it often: I'm not perfect,” said Mr. Legault on Thursday morning. 

Asked by a journalist, François Legault denied being afraid immigrants. “Not at all,” he retorted. Listen… First of all, we have a lot of candidates who are immigrants, even in some very recent cases. Then it is an asset for Quebec.” 

Contrary to what his opponents claim, like several voters who have expressed themselves on the Internet since yesterday, François Legault denies having delivered the substance of his thought, before retracting yesterday. “Nope. In any case, it is not what I think”, he assured. 


If it had to be redone, François Legault would have avoided naming the Quebec values ​​he is trying to protect by maintaining at 50,000, the maximum number of immigrants that Quebec will receive each year if the CAQ is re-elected. 

“It's a delicate issue, which is very delicate, so we have to be careful,” admitted Mr. Legault.

“I answered the questions on values ​​when it is a delicate subject that I should avoid,” he added.  

However, in 2018, the issue of the “Quebec values ​​test” – which the CAQ finally imposed on future arrivals after its election – had monopolized the electoral campaign. 

In this regard, the CAQ chief does not intend to go back or add new measures. “It's going well [with the values ​​test]. We have no intention of touching that.” 

Decline of French 

Nevertheless, the decline of French is real in Quebec, he recalled, repeating that immigration, in Quebec as elsewhere, poses a challenge. 

“When we talk about language, I think that's a fundamental question for the future of the Quebec nation,” said the head of the CAQ. 

This is also why his government passed Bill 96 on the protection of the French language, recalled Mr. Legault. 

“Protecting our French, I think that is the best way not to divide Quebecers,” he said in English, while his opponents rightly accuse him of making divisive remarks. 

The CAQ leader, who made it an issue of survival for the Quebec nation at a CAQ convention last May, does not believe that it will be the question of one. 

It is, however, an “important question for those who care about the long-term preservation of French in North America”, he hammered. 

“It is a question which is, I think, very important for many French speakers in Quebec”, he insisted. 

GND dissatisfied with Legault's explanations

Mr. Legault's explanations did not satisfy the spokesperson for Québec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.  

“I think that if we make a public statement, we should publicly apologize,” he said on the sidelines of a press conference in Sherbrooke.  

“We know that François Legault likes Twitter a lot… We are in an election campaign, Quebecers have the right to know the substance of Mr. Legault's thoughts, he added. Yesterday he made a connection in his statement between immigrants and violence. That's what he said. He apologized, I took note. But I think he has a responsibility to answer questions; to questions from the media, to questions from citizens.”  

– With the collaboration of Patrick Bellerose

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