Immigration: Ontario still hopes for powers similar to those of Quebec

Immigration: Ontario still hoping for powers similar to Quebec's


Ontario still hopes to wrest new powers within weeks to better manage immigration in the province, although Ottawa does not seem to be in a hurry to reach an agreement . 

Asked by Radio-Canada to provide an update on ongoing discussions, Ontario Immigration Minister Monte McNaughton said negotiations are stalling with his federal counterpart Sean Fraser, even though the five-year Canada-Ontario immigration agreement will expire at the end of November.

“I see no sense of urgency from the federal government,” Mr. McNaughton lamented in an interview with the Crown corporation.

Premier Doug Ford has been calling for several months for Ontario to obtain powers equivalent to those of Quebec to manage its immigration. 

In particular, he had signed an open letter to this effect with the premiers of the Prairies in July.< /p>

Ontario wants to be able to double its number of economic migrants, from 9,000 to 18,000, in order to combat the labor shortage. She also wants to be able to better choose candidates according to employment needs, as well as more help for the training of newcomers.

Remember that Quebec is currently the only province that can choose its immigrants. economic – a category that excludes sponsored immigrants and refugees – a measure granted by Ottawa to protect the French fact in La Belle Province.