Immigration: the artistic vagueness of the federal government

Immigration: the soft focus of the feds


The Trudeau government has therefore pulled a new figure out of its hat: as of 2025, the thresholds will now be 500,000 immigrants per year.

A major change in politics Canadian: from 2014 to 2025, the targets have practically doubled.

Do we even have studies to justify these new targets?

Not really, we understand by listening to Sean Fraser, Federal Minister of Immigration.

Rather, he retorts with a cliché: to meet our labor needs, we must raise the thresholds.

However, economists agree: an increase in immigration thresholds has a fairly small effect on the shortage of workers.

Another question: do we also know if the provinces are able to receive more newcomers? Another hazy response from the federal government.

We consulted the provinces, we say in technocratic language.

Only, we don't give a damn.

Health services, daycare places, housing, the French fact, all of this is the responsibility of the provinces.

In Ottawa, it is decreed that the provinces work it out! Moreover, what about the Canadian and Quebec immigration departments, worthy of the 12 labors of Asterix, which are reaching unprecedented levels of inefficiency?

Here, newcomers wait an average of 28 months to obtain permanent residency. A dehumanizing bureaucracy. At the federal level, 2.6 million files are still awaiting processing. A total mess.


It's an ideological posture adopted by the Trudeau government. 

We do from virtue to politics, and we admire our own image of ourselves.

Whatever the consequences for Quebec, trapped in an uncomfortable and untenable position.

Ottawa politicizes, in reverse, the question of immigration.

It makes it an excessively moral question, for Canada itself and vis-à-vis Quebec. 

However, Quebec has nothing to be ashamed of. We welcome generously, and we can be proud of it.

Everything is a question of perspective.

On immigration, Quebec is becoming the exception in Canada.< /p>

But the most notable exception is Canada in the world.  

Immigration: the soft focus of the federal government