Immigration: the PLQ stays the course

Immigration: the PLQ stays the course


Unlike the Parti Québécois, which has promised to halve the number of immigrants per year in Quebec, the Liberal Party of Quebec maintained, on Monday, its proposal to keep the immigration threshold at 70,000 newcomers.

In the eyes of the PLQ, this proposal is tailor-made to combat the labor shortage, while some 270,000 positions are to be filled in the province.

“Any party that refuses to recognize that immigration is a solution to the labor shortage disqualifies itself in economic matters and will never be able to solve the problem,” claimed the leader of the PLQ, Dominique Anglade, in an attack. thinly veiled against the Parti Québécois, but also against the Coalition avenir Québec which reduced immigration thresholds during its mandate.

Earlier Monday morning, the leader of the PQ criticized the myth of immigration to counter the lack of workers.

“That does not mean that economic immigration is not useful. We can go and find a specific workforce for a company in need. But macro-economically, adding people does not change the labor shortage because these people are both workers and consumers,” he said, promising to bring back the immigration threshold of 35,000 arrivals per year.

That said, the PLQ proposes to improve investments in francization, in order to facilitate the integration of immigrants, as well as facilitate their integration into the regions.

“Foreign workers are not a danger for Quebec, but rather an asset. We must trust the regions to determine their needs for foreign workers, because they are the ones who know their reality best,” argued Ms. Anglade.

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