Immigration to the United States in 2020: how much money will be spent on food and education

“Millions of people in the desire to change your life for the better tend to move to live in the United States – an average, according to statistics, lottery green card, about 55 thousand lucky people arrive each year in this country,” — writes the cars blog “Life in different countries” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Иммиграция в США в 2020: сколько денег уйдет на еду и образование

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Hereinafter in the first person.

It should immediately be noted that the survey people on this subject gave very conflicting answers – many of our former compatriots consider: if you come, it not primarily for themselves but for their children and future generations, as fast to achieve success very difficult.

Therefore, immediately raises the question about education (knowledge of language is understood as self-evident) – in the US there are public schools that do not need to pay, but in many of them the situation for the normal school is not the best: your child may be discriminated against or get tempted to try drugs.

One girl said that regularly sees students aged 11 years old, regularly Smoking around the corner marijuana – and is the scourge of modern American society.

In this regard, parents often have to fake your own residence to ensure that their child went to a good educational institution by place of residence – another option are private schools where students several times a day, fed, taught with them the lessons and to go home.

All this fun costs $1200 per month for primary grades – the sum, frankly speaking, considerable given the fact that in General, the conditions for the newly arrived in the United States every year become more complex.

In the absence of a decent education and a certain amount of money to start a career to gain a foothold here would be very difficult – although, for example, 30-40 years ago the salaries of the dishwasher in a restaurant would be enough to buy a decent house and a cheap car.

Now the representative of this profession will barely make ends meet – as they say here, “to work on the toilet”. Blogger Alexei Chizhov has decided to calculate the amount of money necessary for survival in new York, and the first item in the list meet the physical needs is food.

The cost of the average “bachelor” set, which is enough for one or two days.

Half of bread, three small legs, a couple of onions and carrots, two apples, chocolate and juice is what we will we eat for dinner, and the price on the check will be approximately $15-$17. Breakfast for an adult male will cost approximately $5-$7 – lunch in the form of a simple soup, vegetables and bread will cost the same $15. Total around $35 a day and about $1000 a month, and we don’t mean more expensive products and especially some delights, type of cafes and restaurant.

Thus, if you want to save your earned money and spend it on some other goal, to eat you will likely have more than modestly, replacing the grocery stores, good quality goods cheap “piezomagnetism” like noodles “Rolton” or juice Yupi.

Many Russians here are different in that ready all week to eat pasta with ketchup to save money and weekends off at the bar, shikanov buying expensive alcohol, the cost of which almost reaches their weekly salary.


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