“Impale”: the teacher shocked the children with the details of the old penalty

«Сажать на кол»: воспитательница шокировала детей подробностями старинной казни

In one of the kindergartens of Rostov region of the Russian Federation the kids were scared by the tale “Konyok-Gorbunok”. This writes gazeta.ru.

The publication reports that the teacher during the reading of the tale decided to honestly answer a question from their students about the phrase “impaled”. Instead of some clever and intricate comparisons, the teacher explained quite truthfully, what did people in the old days during this terrible punishment.

The essence of the story was quite simple: the number of passes through the body and out through your mouth… After a terrible horror stories some of these kids are so scared that even stopped sleeping at night. One child even began to experience pressure surges and the constant fear of death.

In the end, the parents chose to apply for the caregiver to court for mental abuse of their children.

This case drew attention in the Federation Council, which hastened to recommend Russian teachers are carefully chosen expression and also not to tell the children about some of the shocking things that they simply can not understand due to their tender age.

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