Impatient customers and tired snack bar owners

Impatient customers and tired snack bar owners


Champion snack bar owner Guy Marchand emptied his heart out on social media last Sunday after several customers complained about longer wait times for orders.

For Guy Marchand, this kind of comment is unacceptable. His kitchen operates with 50% fewer employees, but the orders are still very high. The waiting time is therefore higher than normal.

Last Sunday, he did not know where to put the order forms and the plate was overflowing with dumplings.

“These are only two or three customers who complained, but I can't serve a raw dumpling,” explained Mr. Marchand.

This owner made a post on Facebook to invite patient and polite customers to introduce themselves, the others being able to pass their turn. He finds the situation sad and that customers have lost their patience since the arrival of the pandemic.

Why not hire new employees? “The CVs I have in my hands now, the young people are 11, 12 and 13 years old. I don't have time to show them everything. I need staff with experience to complete my team,” added Guy Marchand.

However, Mr. Marchand will have time to show the door and reimburse customers who find the service too slow.

The owner has more than one trick up his sleeve to remedy the situation. It's going to reduce its menu, but also go back to basics and serve one order at a time.

For other snack bars like La Florida, they're lucky to rely on friends for to help. Jean-Guy Bertrand, owner of La Florida, said that he sometimes has to work more than 12 hours a day, but it takes what it takes to serve customers.