Impeachment trump: it was revealed new details about the role of Ukraine and Russia’s intervention in the elections…

Импичмент Трампа: вскрылись новые детали о роли Украины и вмешательстве России в выборы...

Thursday, November 21, the U.S. Congress has completed public hearings in the procedure of impeachment of the President of Donald trump. Members of several congressional committees, and representatives of the Republican party, attended the meetings in the interests of the head of state heard the testimony of many important witnesses in the so-called “Ukrainedate”. Recall that the basis of charges made by Democrats against trump, put the statement that the American leader has put pressure on President Vladimir Zelensky. Democrats insist that trump is actually blackmailed the head of a foreign sovereign state, extorting from him a “favor”.

Marie Yovanovitch is confident that its efforts to combat corruption in Ukraine, aroused the IRE of a number of influential Ukrainians. And they were looking for the possibility of its replacement

Specifically, the President of the United States wanted President public statement on the resumption of the investigation of the activities of the company Burisma and investigation on the alleged interference of Kiev in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States. Trump has made it clear Zelensky, only in this case will give the country military assistance in the amount of 391 million dollars, previously approved by Congress but frozen by the personal order of the trump. In addition, only in this case, the American President was ready to meet with Zelensky in Washington and to hold full-fledged talks.

The Democrats indicate that their actions trump has threatened the national security of the United States. Furthermore, it exceeded its authority in trying to achieve Ukraine actions which could bring him personal political gain. As you know, for five years from spring 2014 to spring 2019 the Board of Directors Burisma entered the son of former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, hunter Biden. The application for the renewal of the company’s activities in Ukraine had cast a shadow on the reputation of Biden Sr., who is regarded as the main rival trump in the presidential election of 2020.

What did public hearings in the U.S. Congress?

One of the main conclusions — trump really wanted Zelensky statements of the company Burisma. He really wanted the announcement came last name is Biden. This indirectly follows from the testimony of almost all witnesses. But more importantly, it expressly stated US Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland who received this post through the Trump and was considered still the man of the President.

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The Ambassador replied in the affirmative to the question whether there was an associated delay of military assistance with the question about Biden. He also stressed that Giuliani sought from Kiev statements Zelensky. To trump the statement itself was more important than the investigation. This means that the American leader did not care about fighting corruption in Ukraine. He was interested in the dirt on Biden. The white house insists that military aid was arrested in the fight against corruption.

The Republicans are now screaming that it’s all allegations. None of the witnesses, including Sandland, did not provide any documents. Realizing this, Democrats throughout the impeachment demanded from the administration of the President of the promulgation of documents related to the policy of the White house against Ukraine. Team trump’s delayed, how could this publication. However, on Friday, November 22, the State Department was forced to do it by following the letter of the law.

Request for access to documents on the “Ukrainedate” officially filed a public organization American Oversight. And now we know that Giuliani several times communicated directly with Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, discussing specifically the relationship with Ukraine. To be more precise, the personal lawyer of the President of the United States in a telephone conversation with us Secretary of state, which took place on 27 and 29 March, talked about how to discredit the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

“We see now why Mike Pompeo refused to provide this information to Congress. The documents indicate a paper trail that leads from Rudy Giuliani to the White house, and thence to the Secretary of state Pompeo, and the purpose of these talks was to organise a smear campaign against Ambassador Jovanovic”, — said the Executive Director of American Oversight Austin Evers.

As you know, Jovanovic was suddenly released from his duties as Ambassador in may 2019. The diplomat testified in Congress, stressing that he felt the effects of the campaign of defamation waged against it Giuliani. Her dismissed on the basis of false statements of people with questionable motives. Jovanovic is confident that its efforts to combat corruption in Ukraine, aroused the IRE of a number of influential Ukrainians. And they sought its replacement.

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Documents of the state Department prove the words of Jovanovic. So, on 23 January 2019 had a conversation with Giuliani, the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. This meeting was attended by two entrepreneurs with Ukrainian roots — Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. As already reported “FACTS”, now they are under arrest. They are accused of the USA in making false statements to the Federal election Commission, falsification of documents and criminal conspiracy. In the document the state Department States: Shokin during the meeting stated that he had been dismissed at the insistence of Joe Biden.

Another document is a summary of the conversation with Yuriy Lutsenko, the successor to Shokin. In conversation participated Parnas and Truman. Lutsenko said Giuliani that hunter Biden allegedly received questionable payments from Burisma.

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The state Department in coming days to provide American Oversight a number of documents.

Russian agents regularly transmit falsified data about the “interference of Kiev” in the U.S. presidential election

The second important point — Ukraine does not interfere in the American elections in 2016. This was stated in his testimony, a former adviser to trump on Russia Fiona hill. On the basis of its claims, the newspaper the New York Times conducted its own investigation. The results were published on November 22. The publication revealed that the American intelligence services conducted for senators classified briefing, during which he spoke about long-term Russian intelligence operation aimed at discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of Americans.

It appears, Russian agents regularly transmit falsified data about the “interference of Kiev” in the U.S. presidential election. These data are obtained Russian and Ukrainian businessmen, who in turn provided them to the American politicians and journalists. The Americans believed that they had received information from proven reliable sources. Among those who provided such data, The New York Times calls the Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

When the seed of doubt and suspicion had been carefully fertilized, and personally the President of Russia Vladimir Putin first publicly stated that the Ukrainian hackers hacked the email of the representatives of the Democratic party of the United States. And it was already ready to believe many in Washington, first President of the trump.

The publication notes that the Russian security services are constantly complicate its operations to intervention in the Affairs of foreign countries, including the United States. In this case, Moscow is not only organized treatment of the attitudes of American voters, but also put the responsibility on Kyiv. At the briefing, the senators warned that the Kremlin will redouble its efforts in the upcoming presidential elections in the United States.

And disinformation regarding Ukrainian interference Republicans tried to actively use, building a line of defense trump during the investigation by the House of representatives of the United States Congress under the impeachment process. Loudest tried… Giuliani.

About it and he said in his testimony of Fiona hill. She called on Republicans to abandon the use of “fictional narrative” in Ukraine and to cease to participate in the process of further spread. Hill, answering a question of participants of the hearings in Congress, said that Russia and President Putin are very interested in discrediting Ukraine.

Wednesday, November 20, Putin said: “Thank God, we now no-one accuses that we intervene in U.S. elections, the Ukraine is now accusing…”

The American Colonel Alexander Vindman offered to head the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

Congressional hearings have clearly defined people who, fulfilling the order of trump, has put pressure on President Zelensky and his entourage. Charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor and the adviser of the USA Embassy in Ukraine David Holmes called them the “three Amigo”. We are talking about after Sandlance, former Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry and former special representative of the US State Department in Ukraine with Kurt Volker. “Three Amigo” was engaged in the practical implementation of the plan, which the inspiration, apparently, is Giuliani. And the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo knows about this plan.

Another very unexpected story came to light during the public hearings — proposal, obtained by the American Colonel Alexander Vindman, to head the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Windman personally said this on November 19 in Congress. A native of Kiev said he had three times offered the post Alexander danyluk. Colonel three times refused. And each time we report anything to the authorities. According to Bindman, an invitation from danyluk “looked ridiculous”.

The American edition of Daily Beast asked Alexander Danilyuk comment on the words of Lieutenant Colonel. Danyluk said that has made such a proposal to Wingman only once and in jest.

Another excerpt from the congressional hearing spread through all the American media. David Holmes stated that after meeting with the Advisor Zelensky Andrey Ermak Ambassador Sandland called Donald Trump directly from restaurant in Kiev and assured his patron: “the President Zelensky loves your ass!”.

Sandland in his testimony agreed that “I would like to say.” “President trump and talk”, — said the Ambassador. He then reported that Zelensky liked all the American diplomats who had contact with him. And they sought in every way to expedite the meeting of the two presidents in the hope that such personal contacts will help Washington and Kyiv to build a good relationship. “The President Zelensky seemed smart, funny and charming” — said Sandland.

Now the impeachment procedure involves the transfer of the findings of the Committee members who participated in public hearings on discussion of members of the house of representatives. If they vote for impeachment (simple majority vote that the Democrats in the lower house of Congress is available), then the study materials will take the Senate. Trump has publicly stated that yearns for a speedy transition process of impeachment in the upper house of Congress and is even willing to personally speak to the senators. In the Senate most Republicans. Therefore, the President feels confident. However, the facts revealed in the public hearing, aroused the indignation of many members of the Republican party. Therefore, according to U.S. media, December, may prove to trump is full of surprises.

, July 25. The order about the freezing of these funds came directly from trump. And he gave it on 18 July.

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