Impeachment trump: the senators are arguing whether to call witnesses

The Republican senators held a meeting on the issue of calling witnesses, but a final decision apparently had not been taken, writes “Voice of America”.

Импичмент Трампа: сенаторы спорят о вызове свидетелей

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Lawyers for President Donald trump has completed the presentation of its case in the trial of impeachment in the Senate an appeal for a speedy acquittal.

Saying that “it’s time to end this”, the lawyers trump dismissed explosive claims of a former White house adviser on national security to John Bolton regarding the behavior of the President and accused Democrats in an attempt to intervene in the second election campaign trump.

After that, the Republican senators held a meeting behind closed doors, which discussed the witnesses, including Bolton, but at the outlet they said that there was no resolution on this issue is not accepted.

To call witnesses necessary to this initiative was supported not only 47 Democrats and independents, but four Republican.

According to the New York Times, the Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell told the meeting that at the moment he does not have the votes required to block the proposals of the Democrats to subpoena witnesses, as some Republicans have not yet promised that they would vote against it.

Republican Senator John Barrasso told reporters that the General opinion at the meeting was in the spirit “we’ve heard enough, time to move the final vote on the verdict.” But other Republicans said that the results of the vote unclear, and that the decision should be made before Friday, January 31.

Republican Senator Kevin Kramer, a conservative defender of trump, who opposes calling witnesses, said that Republicans “basically took a common position”.

“I’m pretty sure she’s not unanimous. But I don’t know what numbers,” he said.

Trump’s lawyers tried to downplay the importance of the unpublished manuscript of the book of Bolton, which describes the Central role of trump in the campaign of pressure on Ukraine to force Kiev to conduct an investigation against Democrat Joe Biden, one of the most likely opponents of the trump in the upcoming election this year.

Speaking on Tuesday, January 28, one of the lawyers trump J. Sekulow said 100 senators acting now in the role of the jury: “We are absolutely confident in our position that there was no “service for service””, referring to trump’s request to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on the opening of the investigation against Joe Biden.

Sekulow said that trump was guided by “appropriate governmental interest” in the investigation of possible corruption, when asked Kiev to open an investigation against Joe Biden and the work of his son hunter in Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

“He knew what he was talking about. Wrong to say that he has not acted in the national interest,” he said Sekulow, referring to a telephone conversation which took place between trump and Zelensky July 25.

During the third and final day of the submission of the defence, Sekulow said that the President should be acquitted on both articles of impeachment. Democrats accuse trump of the abuse of presidential power and obstructing the work of Congress.

“These articles should be rejected. This is required by the Constitution. The law requires,” said the lawyer.

Pet Cipollone, the White house counsel, at the conclusion of the hearing, said that “this show must end now, as soon as possible”.

“Nothing in the revelations of Bolton, even if it is true, did not rise to the level of abuse of power or misconduct for which the President can be impeached,” said on Monday evening the famous lawyer Alan Dershowitz.

On Friday, January 31, the Senate held a four-hour debate about the challenge of Bolton to testify with subpoenas. In addition, Democrats insist on calling witnesses who knew about the actions of trump against Ukraine, and the provision of documents that are now in the possession of the White house and Federal agencies.

Republicans support trump, don’t you think Bolton witness whose testimony credible.

“I think at this point, if you want to listen to John Bolton, you have to ask yourself: is he a disinterested person? Does he keep neutrality? Or he is very unhappy, disgruntled fired worker, who now has a motive, a multimillion-dollar motive to inflame the situation?” – says Senator Rand Paul.

In the next two days, the senators will have 16 hours to questions to lawyers trump and the managers of the impeachment, during the trial take on the role of lawyers and prosecutors respectively.

For the removal of tramp from the government is required to obtain at least two thirds of the votes in the Senate. Given that Republicans control the upper house, and none of the party representatives did not support impeachment, the President is likely to be justified.

The manuscript Bolton directly contradict the version of events in the presentation of trump. As the New York Times, former White house adviser wrote that the President told him that he wants to freeze military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 391 million dollars, if Kiev does not start investigations against the Democrats, including Biden and his son hunter Biden.

Sekulow told the senators that impeachment “is not a game with leaks and manuscripts from obscure sources.”

“Sorry, it’s policy,” he added.

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