Import to Ukraine in June fell by almost 8%

Импорт в Украину за июнь сократился почти на 8%

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Imports fell significantly in six months

In General, over the six months of this year imports fell by 12.4% — up to of 21.93 billion.

Taxable imports to Ukraine last month was $3.65 billion, which is 7.6% less than in the same period a year earlier. This was announced by the customs service.

In may the fall was 31.2 percent, and within six months, imports decreased by 12.4% — to $21 and 93 billion.

However, in June of this year compared to the previous month, import grew by 19,9%.

Of the three largest articles of import deliveries of reactors, boilers, machinery and equipment in June 2020 increased to the previous month by 13.3% to $503 million, oil and mineral fuels — 1.9%, to $494,5 million, and ground transportation — 19.2%, to $389,7 million

Among other important articles of import, the highest growth was recorded in fertilizers more than doubled, to $70.1 million; in the segment of electric machines as well as video – and audio — 52.9%, to $331,18 million; plastics, polymer materials and products from them — by 40%, to $204,3 million; in the pharmaceutical industry — by 37.8%, to $139,2 million

In relation to June last year, the import of mineral fuels and oil declined by 40.4% since the beginning of the year by 29% to $3.71 billion

The import of reactors, boilers, machinery and equipment fell in June-2020 June-2019 10.2% and for the half — year by 17.5%, to $2.49 million, the land transport respectively 7.2% and 17.2%, to $2.25 billion.

In relation to June last year from a relatively large position was recorded the growth of import of electric machines and video and audio equipment — 36.6%, plastics, polymeric materials and products — by 6.7%.