“Impossible, dear!” New photo-year-old daughter Kylie Jenner blew up the Network

Fans of 22-year-old Kylie Jenner are in love: the model shared with them a new the charming little daughter Stormy. This photo in just 8 hours, has collected more than 9 million likes! “Impossible, dear!” “I weep with emotion, looking at her!” such comments filled the page of Kylie in the social Network. Moreover, the reaction of the fans is due not only to the fact that the girl is really very pretty and touching. The fact that Kylie managed to turn it into its exact miniature copy.

«Невозможно мила!» Новое фото полуторагодовалой дочки Кайли Дженнер взорвало Сеть

On Halloween, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian dressed up a child in exactly the same way as she was dressed at the Ball Costume Institute in new York this spring. Kylie dressed her daughter in the same purple “mermaid” dresses floors , lavishly decorated with feathers. And to complete the complete the resemblance, she hid dark hair little girl with the same purple wig which she shone at the ball.

In fact, some fans моделb surprised that Kylie decided to copy his outfit from the ball. As it is, and it’s Stormy father, and her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, with whom she broke up just over a month ago. And the dress should probably call Kylie sad thoughts, about how happy she was with Travis. However, Jenner has apparently decided not to be sad because of lost love, and, turning the page to start the next Chapter of my life. After all, soon after the announcement of the completion of 2.5 years of the novel Kylie and Travis, the paparazzi caught the model with her previous boyfriend — rapper Taiga.