Improves heart health: Scientists told about the most useful fruit

Experts from Association for the cultivation at the research Institute Agarkar established, what fruit is most beneficial for the heart. Scientists said that exotic fruit mango has healing properties.

Улучшит здоровье сердца: Ученые рассказали о самом полезном фрукте

Scientists have carefully studied 12 varieties of fruit and found in it the prebiotic properties. The presence of carbohydrates and phenolic compounds in fruit known for its calorie content and beta-carotene gives antioxidant effect. Vitamin E and selenium, which are contained in Mangoes help to maintain ideal heart function. According to the researchers, probiotics that are rich in this fruit, promotes absorption of the nutrients in the body and stimulate the activity of bacteria in the digestive system. It was found that mango is a huge benefit to the health of people with diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

According to scientists, on the basis of this exotic fruit, you can develop a unique product that will help in the treatment of many diseases. The specialists underlined that all mango varieties are equally healthy. We will remind that earlier the doctors said that mango is the most useful fruit to relieve the unpleasant and painful sensations in the stomach.