In 19 States recorded growth in the number of cases of infection with coronavirus: stocks ‘of Ramdevpir’ depleted

In 19 States, the rise of cases Covid-19, and Arizona asks its hospitals to step up the action plans in emergency situations. This writes CNN.

В 19 штатах зафиксирован рост числа случаев заражения коронавирусом: запасы 'Ремдесивира' истощаются

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Experts in health have long warned about the second peak Covid-19, and now the increasing number of cases pushed Arizona to ensure that the government told hospitals to activate a plan of action in emergency situations.

Arizona is one of 19 States in which the number of new cases of coronavirus is still increasing. While 24 have a downward trend, trends in seven States remain stable.

At its peak, the number of occupied seats in intensive care in Arizona was 78%. As of Monday, June 8, 76% were employed. Director health services of Arizona Dr. Cara Christ asked that the hospital did everything to accommodate hospitals.

“We know that Covid-19 is still in our community, and we expect the number of cases will increase,” — said in the Department of health of the state of Arizona.

The number of available beds and health care resources was one of the main problems in the treatment of coronavirus pandemic, when the country was first peaked. Experts in health say that it’s a matter of when, not if, the country will see another surge of cases, which can again overload the hospital.

Many States eased restrictions that were introduced in March to limit the spread of the virus. But without the vaccine and a large number of people gathering in public places and national protests, experts in the field of health warn that the high incidence may come back.

Concerns across the country

Fears of another surge of cases spread throughout the United States.

According to the Association of public health North Carolina state recently broke the record for the number of people hospitalized with coronavirus.

Despite the fact that hospitals still have enough opportunity in the state concerned by the trends of increasing hospitalization rates, which increased when the restrictions were loosened.

Barriers to treatment and vaccine

As States introduce measures to combat the pandemic, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the path to medical intervention is very long.

Giving billions of doses of a potential vaccine to all who need them, will take power researchers worldwide, he said.

Although the experts on the disease in the FDA expect that in the future there will be several vaccines against coronaviruses, the number of people who do not use them, compromising the immunity of the other, said Dr. Peter marks, Director of the Centers for control over products and medicines of the USA.

“Remember that 30% or 40% of the population will not receive the vaccine, even if vaccine effectiveness is 70 or 80%. We will not be able to provide total immunity,” he said.

And while researchers try to create a vaccine, also conducted clinical trials treatment.

But researchers from the school of public health at the Bloomberg Johns Hopkins University, said that most of them do not have important scientific components. None of them were control groups who received no treatment for comparison of results too few participants in the experiments and not enough volunteers.

“Given the urgency of identifying possible treatment Covid-19, this is the case when we do not want to say “further research is needed” due to shortcomings in the testing,” says lead author Hemalkumar Mehta.

The urgency of the need for treatment increases, because at the end of June depleted the stock of “Ramdevpir”, the only drug approved by the FDA, said the official representative of the Department of health and human services, USA Dr. Robert Kadlec.





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