In 2020, it will be easier to make social assistance: what will change

In 2020, the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine will pay the United territorial communities for providing social services, the budget office laid down 150 million UAH. This was stated by Minister of social policy Yuliya Sokolovskaya, the press service of the Ministry.

В 2020 году будет проще оформить соцпомощь: что изменится

“We simplify the lives of people: this year will introduce a system of front offices, which will allow to provide social services in each GSS. Now for submission of documents for the purpose of various types of social assistance the person will not have to go to the district or regional center. This service will be available even in a small village. To stimulate the GSS to the development of this system, the Ministry will pay for each reception of documents from the state budget. It provides 150 million UAH”, —explained Sokolowski.

According to her, this initiative will bring social services to the people and allow them to significantly save time and effort because the items will be to be in a small village, and not only in major cities and regional centers, as is happening now.

“The front office will only accept documents and issue the results of processing the applicants. In this case, the processing of documents will be “back office”, which information will be sent from several “fronts”. Thus we will not only widen the net but also optimize the work of the whole mechanism,” the Minister concluded.