In 2020, two American airlines raised the fee for Luggage

United Airlines increased its fee for Luggage at $5. The January increase came another large American company — JetBlue Airways. About it writes USA Today.

В 2020 году сразу две американских авиакомпании подняли плату за багаж

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First Luggage is now worth $35, and the second $45. Travelers can avoid a new payment, pre-paying for Luggage when you purchase a ticket. Prices on this type of Luggage remain $30 and $40 if payment is made anytime before online check-in.

The increase will apply to travel beginning on March 6. Travelers who bought their tickets before Friday, February 21, will pay the old rates.

Press Secretary Maddy king said that this increase applies to flights to the United States for a short flight to the Caribbean and Latin America.

Other major airlines will probably follow suit.

Various airlines, including Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant, already charge different prices for baggage and hand Luggage depending on when you buy the tickets, and, in many cases, depending on where and when you fly.



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