In 2021 the increase will receive certain categories of pensioners

From 2021 an increase in their pension in the amount of UAH 500 will be offered to all seniors who have fulfilled the requirements for length of service and reached the age of 75 years.

This was announced by the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine.

С 2021 года прибавки получат некоторые категории пенсионеров

“Now there are calculations and prepared a draft resolution. Allowance can touch millions of retirees. The money to Finance the allowances will be allocated from the state budget through the allocation of funds for the financing of retirement programs,” the Ministry noted.

It is noted that the increase in pension payments will take place in 2020. It is planned to increase the minimum pension to UAH 131. This will take place in two stages – 1 July and 1 December.

So from 1 July, the minimum pension will increase from 1638 UAH. until 1712 UAH. Along with the minimum and increase the maximum pension. Today the maximum pension of 16.3 ths. and from December 1st it will increase to 17.1 thous.

The payment of such pensions for civil servants, some military, MPs and others who have retired on spectrafilm.

The law limits the maximum payout to everyone except judges (those in court to defend their right to a higher pension). You can not get more than 10 the minimum pension.