In 6 days, world stock markets lost $ 6 trillion

The spread of coronavirus in the world has led to the fact that starting from 24 February, the global stock markets lost $ 6 trillion.

За 6 дней мировые фондовые рынки потеряли 6 триллионов долларов

It is reported by CNBC, citing analysis of the company S&P Dow Jones.

Principal analyst Howard Silverblatt noted that the shares of Walt street fell by 4 trillion only Thursday, February 27. Also, S&P Dow Jones noted that the probability of a pandemic coronavirus around the world will lead to a further collapse of stock markets.

So the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Nasdaq and S&P in February 2020 fell by at least 10% compared with the last recorded maximum.

Also in connection with the identification of cases of infection with coronavirus in more than 50 countries, led to lower estimates of revenue from companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nike, United Airlines and Mastercard.

Experts fear another possible factor influencing the state of the world’s stock markets. Consumers that their support means the world economy will begin to cut their costs.