In 6 States registered a growth of cases of infection with coronavirus: Florida abolished the weakening of the quarantine

Florida closed to bars, restaurants and some businesses, just weeks after the resumption of work because the state has dramatically increased the number of cases of coronavirus. This writes the Independent.

В 6 штатах зарегистрирован рост случаев заражения коронавирусом: Флорида отменила ослабление карантина

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At least six bars in North and Central Florida have announced their closure amid new cases Covid-19, which peaked on Sunday, June 14.

The state health Department confirmed that two days in a row in the state more than 2,000 new cases, setting a new record growth rate of morbidity.

Re-closure has occurred almost one week after the second phase opening in Florida, when the bars and cinemas were allowed to take clients with certain limitations, as provided by the plan of opening of the Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, the increase in the transfer Covid-19 in Florida has forced some businesses to close.

On Sunday, one bar on the beach at Jacksonville was closed because some customers received a positive test results Covid-19.

“Our school found out about the positive tests COVID-19 from the customers that visited us — says the owner of the Wreck Tiki Lounge Fernando Mesa Facebook. In the next few days we will be closed to disinfect the bar and send our employees to the test”.

Another bar in the area, Irish pub Lynch also announced the closure this weekend after 15 people found Covid-19.

On Monday, the woman of those infected, said all 15 people who were friends, were found to be positive after the meeting at the pub on 6 June.

According to local media, of the 49 employees of an Irish pub Lynch seven were positive for Covid-19 since the opening of school on 5 June. Currently it is closed for the rehabilitation of the premises.

Will be closed, at least six bars in Jacksonville beach, including the Tavern, The Wreck, Lynch”s Irish Pub, The Wine Bar, Mellow Mushroom and Graffiti Burger.

Another bar in Florida altamonte springs, also said it will close due to the upsurge Covid-19.

In Facebook Kiwi’s Pub & Grill says: “We are sad to report that Kiwi will be temporarily closed. Today, 6 different people told us that they are infected with the coronavirus, and they were inside the pub in the last week. This may seem correct, however, we do not risk the health of our employees and our customers.”

March in Florida was nearly 76,000 cases of infection Covid-19.

Governor de Santis condemned the new fears of the coronavirus, as Donald trump plans to conduct in the state this summer at the Republican Convention.

Except Florida, new records for the contamination of established Texas and Arizona, writes CNN.

They were joined by Oklahoma, Oregon and Nevada, writes CBS News.

Only 21 States across the country, there is a tendency to increase the number of new cases. “We can end the pandemic, but the pandemic has not left us,” said Dr. Ashish JHA, Director of the Harvard Institute for global health.

Florida was nearly 2800 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, June 15 — the largest number of new confirmed cases in one day, who watched the state.

“We’re going to go ahead. We will continue to protect the most vulnerable,” said DeSantis.

On Tuesday, Arizona reached a record of daily events, like Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott explained that the delay in reporting.

But the level of admission of the state, which is controlled by a number of officials, to ensure that the health system is not overloaded, is also growing.

Nationwide re-opening in conjunction with the neglect of measures of personal security have prompted researchers from the Institute of metrics and evaluation of health (IHME) at the University of Washington to increase their forecasts of mortality from Covid-19 this summer.

How is the situation in the States:
  • In 21 States there is a tendency to increase the number of new registered cases: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Oregon, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma , South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming.
  • In 8 States there is a steady number of new reported cases: Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Ohio, South Dakota, Utah and Washington.
  • In 21 States there is a tendency to decrease: Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, new Hampshire, new Mexico, new Jersey, new York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode island , Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • In one state, Vermont, there was a decrease by at least 50%.
The second wave can be, but we are still not out of the first

At first it seemed like the finish line of the pandemic was the end of the summer. Although experts no longer believe that in this case many Americans eager to return to a normal life.

Murray expects a “second wave” will begin in late August, when by 1 October in the US there will be more than 201 000 deaths from the coronavirus.

But the incidence of coronavirus in the US fell to a level low enough to curb the first wave.

According to researchers from Children’s hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania, during the spread of the virus it moves on the highway.

People leave their homes, travel to other cities. The researchers found that the more people interact with others, the more subject to the disease.

Navajo Nation establishes lock

Navajo Nation, which has surpassed new York and new Jersey to a high incidence of coronavirus infection per capita in the United States, announced new restrictions aimed at reducing infections.

“We must continue to do what we do, to wear protective masks, with restrictions, to stay home and keep your distance. Now is not the time to relax,” — said the President of the Navajo Jonathan Nez.

Navajo Nation spans parts of new Mexico, Utah and Arizona, where there is a significant increase of new cases. According to the census of 2020, on the territory of the native American population was 173 667 people.

The mayors of Texas believe that the compulsory wearing of masks will soften the spread

Nine mayors of Texas, including senior officials in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio, urged the state Governor to make face masks mandatory, to stop the spread of the virus in their cities.

New studies confirm the need to use masks to reduce the spread.

Researchers estimate, was prevented from 230 000 to 450 000 cases of infection in the United States, where in the period from 8 April to 15 may was set out the requirements for wearing masks.

“The findings suggest that the requirement to use face masks in public places can help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” wrote Wei Liu and George Webi from the Department of health management and policy College of public health, University of Iowa.

In addition, in the hope to mitigate the spread, a nonprofit organization Resolve to Save Lives, led by the former Director of the US Centers for control and disease prevention Dr. Tom Frieden, on Tuesday released a new collection on contact tracing.

The guide will complement the efforts of CDC to give local departments of public health detailed guidance on how they can prevent further spread of the virus.




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