In a network of single fotozhabu made fun of Putin and Medvedev

В сети фотожабой высмеяли одиноких Путина и Медведева

Russian President Vladimir Putin has once again become an object of ridicule in social networks.

A new caricature of Vladimir Putin has published the well-known Sergey Elkin, which is in their usual style and made fun of the Russian President.

The caricature you see of Putin, who holds the shoulder of his colleague Dmitry Medvedev and soothes like they have friends.

“You and I have only two allies — it security officers and mortgage holders,” — said in the caption to publish.

Users reacted with humour to caricature and noted that Vladimir Putin has more friends, which are not mentioned Elkin, thieves and corrupt officials.

“I think impotence”, “state Employees, state employees also”, “In the longer term — hyperinflation that accompanies all disasters, for mortgage holders — a ray of hope”, “all the thieves and corrupt officials”, “Fools and roads”, “As something Dimon doesn’t look good. The lack of sleep?”, “And there are forces mortgage holders. They do them as relatives”, — they are joking in the comments below the post.