In a Network there was a documentary about the group BRUTTO

BRUTTO is not just a music band , Siarhei Mikhalok. It is a real musical powerhouse, where powerful energy and music fighters. It’s a philosophy of life. And it’s a real family consisting of musicians and friends all endeavors of Sergei, but many fans around the world.

В Сети появился документальный фильм о группе BRUTTO

More than 500 concerts in 5 years and thousands of spectators at concerts, 3 full-length albums and 22 official music videos, the triumphant return of Mikhalok and BRUTTO in Belarus, the band Lyapis Trubetskoy — this and more admirers of Mikhalok can see right now. Documentary BRUTTO NOSTRA is already available on all the digital platforms team.

The film became a great friend BRUTTO — Dmitry Avdeev, and the producer of the project made by Anton azizbekyan, he is the producer of BRUTTO.

“In the history of show business had such a thing occurred and as unique as the story that happened with Sergei Mikhalok. To fall to the bottom and in a few years to climb to the top in a new way. To become a leader of three unique and popular groups. Write a number of hits and to create a big strong family. Have a sense of humor. To have a physical and inner strength. I can’t even imagine how much you have to be unique and strong personality. This story had someone to tell. Without the present difficulties is neither a good film. Tours, travel, vicissitudes of life in the group for more than two years, more than 100 hours of interviews and Chronicles, for it will take not everyone. The film not just stays on SD cards and hard drives. The film is already on the installation in your head, in your imagination. It is both difficult and pleasant. We did it. And I am extremely happy that about the universe Brutto Nostra was able to tell me. That was my dream. And now this dream to communicate with Mihalka, along BRUTTO and all who surrounds this man, will be online. It’s cool!”-

said Dmitry Avdeyev, Director of the film BRUTTO NOSTRA.

“For me, the film is a big surprise. We do not know ourselves until the end that it will be. The operators we went to different cities at various concerts and festivals. Many things done and many things we said both together and separately. And that became the final version of the film is a big mystery to me. For me premiere is a real premiere with surprises, and surprises. I’m sure I remember a lot and learn something new about our children.”-

said Vitaly Gurkov, frontman of BRUTTO

Fans in Ukraine and Belarus have been able to see the film on big screens. The presentation of the documentary already premiered in cinemas of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Kharkov, Poltava, Odessa and Minsk. Ahead of the presentation in Chernivtsi at the documentary film festival BUCOVINA.

Video presentation of the film in Kiev: