In a small town on the border with Ukraine, opened the bar in honor of McGregor (video)

В маленьком городке на границе с Украиной открыли бар в честь Макгрегора (видео)

33-year-old Mikulas Gerenyi, the owner of a small bar in the Slovak town of Cierna nad Tisou, located on the border with Ukraine and Hungary and has a population of just over three and a half thousand inhabitants, is famous in the world.

The fact that the owner has pasted his establishment with posters of famous Irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor, and also sells personalized whiskey Proper, produced under the trademark of the athlete. The name of the bar is also appropriate — The Notorious (from the English “Notorious”), under the nickname of the outrageous fighter.

I started my own shop about six months ago and named it in honor of Conor McGregor. I like his style, how he fights, and I am his huge fan. Would like to sell whiskey Conor here, at the end of the European Union, in a small town. .


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