In Abkhazia shot dead two “thieves in law”: named as the reason

В Абхазии застрелили двух "воров в законе": названа причина

On Friday, November 22, “the Ministry of internal Affairs” of the unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia, whose team was going to participate in “sports day” Pushilin announced about the shooting at the restaurant “San-Remo” in the center of Sukhum. According to authorities, three masked men drove the car to the restaurant had opened fire on visitors, says the Agency “Prime crime”.

According to him, the victims of killers were two “thief in law”: the 38-year-old Astamur Shamba, known in criminal circles as Astik, and his contemporary alas Avidzba the (Hasik). Shamba died on the spot, and Avidzba died later from his injuries. Also injured the man sitting at the table with criminal authorities, and the waitress who served their table.

One of the main motives of the crime at the moment is considered a criminal activity of the victims. They are the closest supporters of the 53-year-old kingpin Raul Barsby (Pisa). In the six years that Shamba and Avidzba are holders of the title “thieves in law”, they are under the leadership of the Pyzy came into conflict with several crime bosses.

Among the opponents of the victims were listed such thieves as alhas Agrba (alas Gudauta) and Tengiz Lakerbaya (Angulas Sukhumi) related to the clan Merab Jangveladze (Merab Sukhumi), as well as Nicholas Dgebuadze (nick Gagra) of the clan Nadir Salifov (Guli) — the main thief of Azerbaijan. The last of those who entered the conflict, Shamba and Avidzba, are the “thieves in law” from Sukhumi thieves clan — Temur Gvasalia (of MacOS) and Temur akhuba ridge (Dirid).

criminal authority of jachvliani Lasha of Valer’yanovich, better known as “Lasha Swann. He was crowned in 1995 in Moscow.

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