In Africa a baby elephant played soccer “ball” of dung

В Африке слоненок играл в футбол «мячом» из навоза

In one of the national parks of South Africa shot a funny video which was posted on the website Latestsightings.

This writes the law.

It elephant fun playing football with a “ball” of a piece of dried elephant dung. Four-legged athlete gets on the “ball” as a real football player. And amused tourists, and their accompanying tour guide Dylan Royal, who led the survey.

According to the guide, the elephant was so busy playing, I didn’t even notice the audience.

“He seemed to be impressed with your own skills — kicking and rolling a ball, using different strategies and all four of his legs… For baby elephants are always fun to watch, but it was the cutest and funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” said Dylan.