In Africa, found the American Department of the Russian ‘Troll factory’

Social network “Facebook” and “Twitter” have removed more than 200 new pages and accounts, “the Agency’s Internet research”, also known as a “Troll factory”,the BBC reports.

В Африке найден американский отдел российской 'фабрики троллей'

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This organization has tried to influence the U.S. presidential election in 2016, for which the authorities have made it into the sanctions lists. Then the American division of the “factory” was located in St. Petersburg, but now, according to the social network, there are two new offices — in Ghana and Nigeria.

The company Facebook has announced that it has removed 49 85 public and private pages in the same social network. 69 more accounts, the company has removed from its app “Instagram”. Mostly the accounts published news about the United States. Their main themes were the history of the U.S. black population, the problems of the LGBT community, news, and celebrity gossip.

71 account deleted Twitter. The social network said that accounts of the “sowed discord, participating in the discussion of public issues such as race and civil rights.”

American authorities believe that the “Troll factory” led by the businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin. In the media it is known as “Putin’s cook” and as the owner of a private military company Wagner. In 2018 bi-Bi-si has managed to find a link between the companies Prigogine and that of PMCs present in Libya, Central African Republic and other African countries.

We now know that Prigogine could open in Africa, the branches of his “Troll factory”.

CNN correspondents visited the Ghanaian capital, Accra, and found the building where lived and worked the trolls. It was rented a small non-governmental organization in Eliminating Barriers for the Liberation of Africa (EBLA) — in Russian it can be translated as “Destroying barriers to African liberation”. Her head Set Wiredu for a long time lived in Russia and speaks Russian. Photo to its official website EBLA borrowed from banks, in the names of files that contained non-English characters.

В Африке найден американский отдел российской 'фабрики троллей'

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According to an anonymous source CNN in the Ghana branch of the factory, their working day began after lunch and continued till late in the night, that is the publication time of posts has been focused on the time zones for United States. According to “Facebook”, more than 65% of subscribers fake pages lived in America.

Many of the staff of the “factory” lived in the same building or next door, rented their apartments. CNN source claims that employees were unaware that work on Russia, and the theme for posts received through secret chat in Telegram.

In February 2020, the Ghanaian authorities suspected illegal cyberactivity in the branch “factory” and stayed there for a RAID. Of the Nigerian branch is less well known, but its existence is confirmed by job Postings similar to those that were placed for the Ghana branch of the “factory”.

В Африке найден американский отдел российской 'фабрики троллей'

Photo: Twitter screenshot

Director of investigative projects independent platform Graphika Ben Nimmo believes that an open network was in the process of building a loyal audience. Many accounts simply repost the viral memes and popular posts not related to politics.

Nimmo underscores that at the time of network deployment could not talk about its specific focus on the U.S. presidential election, scheduled for November 3, 2020. However, according to the researcher, this story might give an answer to those who asks himself: is Russia going to again interfere in American elections?