In Albania for the day were about 300 aftershocks (PHOTOS)

В Албании за сутки зафиксировано около 300 подземных толчков (ФОТО)

297 aftershocks recorded in the territory of Albania for the last days, 87 of them in the night on Sunday, reports TASS with reference to severomoravske news Agency MIA.

The first tremors with a maximum magnitude of 5.8 was recorded in several localities of the country on Saturday afternoon. The last tremors were noted at about 20:00 local time (21:00 Moscow time). According to Albanian seismologist RAPO of Armani, the risk of strong aftershocks had passed, but the threat of new earthquakes of minor magnitude will continue over the coming weeks.

Most affected is the capital of Albania, Tirana, Durres, located on the coast of the Adriatic sea, as well as towns, Pogradec, Fier and several cities in the South-Western part of Northern Macedonia. The inhabitants of Tirana and Durres spent last night on the streets and in the six specially organized centers.

According to the latest data, suffered a total of 107 people, 10 of whom were hospitalized. At the moment, reported 187 damaged urban infrastructure.

In some localities the electricity was disconnected, there was no mobile connection. The police are ready, there is a free hot line to assist victims.
Albanian Prime Minister EDI Rama, on the eve cancel my working visit to new York on Sunday morning convened an emergency meeting of the prefects of local communities and Ministers and urged officials to meet with residents of the affected areas.

Earlier, the President of the Republic of Ilir Meta appealed to the representatives of government agencies calling for improved mutual coordination to prevent the consequences of the disaster.

Embassy of Russia in Albania has no evidence that during the earthquake that occurred on Saturday in the Republic, suffered the Russians, have informed Agency in the Russian Embassy in Tirana.

“Evidence that as a result of the earthquakes suffered by the Russians, we have not received. There was one group of tourists from Russia and Belarus, which rested near the city of Durres, people are scared, but no one was injured”, – informed in the Embassy.