In American College basketball has been a colorful women’s teams brawl (video)

В американском студенческом баскетболе произошла красочная драка женских команд (видео)

During a basketball match between the University “Alabama state” and “South Texas” athletes staged a bright brawling on the floor.

In a mass brawl involving several dozen people.

Girls are unable to cope with their emotions and the confrontation escalated into a brutal slaughter.

Even got to judges ‘ table, which was upside down.

It is worth noting that this episode has already been reviewed by the management conference. As a result, 10 players and two coaches have been suspended. Also, each University will pay 5 thousand dollars. fine.

We would add that fighting in American College basketball is not an isolated phenomenon.

Earlier it was reported that the basketball Derby in the NCAA ended in a mass brawl.