In Antarctica, found a glacier, on which depends the fate of humanity


The rate of ice melting from the five glaciers of Antarctica over the past six years has doubled five times higher than in the 1990-ies.

NASA experts believe that the melting of the Thwaites glacier is approaching a “tipping point”. At some point, its destruction and the increase in sea level of 50 centimeters will become irreversible, which poses a global threat to humanity.

В Антарктиде нашли ледник, от которого зависит судьба человечества

About it reports The Guardian.

According to U.S. researchers, the melting of ice spread from the suburbs into the inner part of the continent, and in some places the thickness of glaciers has decreased by 100 metres.

Destabilization of the Thwaites glacier in West Antarctica contributes to the retreat of the grounding line — the area where the glacier sliding into the ocean, detached from the sea bottom and becomes floating. According to the calculations, he can lose all the weight during the 150 years after reaching the “tipping point” that will raise Global sea level by half a meter.

When the final loss of stability, the glacier will inevitably collapse even if the Earth’s average temperature due to climate change cease to grow.

Projected loss of ice mass could occur via 200-600 years. As explained by the researchers, the exact time depends on the topography of the bedrock under the glacier.

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