In Antarctica found the remains of a giant sea monster


В Антарктиде нашли останки гигантского морского монстра

In Antarctica discovered the remains of a giant sea monster. At the excavation of his skeleton, scientists took several years, writes

The fossil on Seymour island found William Zinsmeyer from Purdue University.

Found a sea monster refers to a family of plesiosaurs, the largest aquatic reptiles of the period.

According to experts, it is the largest of the elasmosaurs, ancient aquatic reptiles that swim in the seas of the Cretaceous period. They looked like manatees with the necks of giraffes, four flippers and a snake-like heads. Found animal belongs to the genus Aristonectes, which are characterized by the shorter neck and larger than the other dogs heads.

Scientists have called the find “a colossus among giants.” The monster weighed 11,8-14,8 tons and was longer than 12 metres.

Earlier it was reported that under the largest glacier of Antarctica had found a prehistoric mountain range.

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